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We are supporting abortions for everyone. We are SAFE.

Abortion should be available to anyone who needs or wants one.

Abortion should be available to anyone who needs or wants one. The patchwork of abortion provision and restrictions across Europe often means that abortions are difficult to get.  We're here to level the playing field – by Supporting Abortions for Everyone (SAFE).

What we do

SAFE will support abortions for everyone in the following four ways: by funding activists who enable abortions, by building pathways between abortions and people who want abortions, collecting and sharing knowledge and best practices, and by finding and inspiring champions to advocate for abortion access across Europe.

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Raising and distributing funds to individuals and organizations which facilitate abortion access.

Knowledge sharing

Collecting, developing, streamlining, and sharing best practice about how to help people get abortions.


Working with abortion providers to ensure clear pathways to abortions.


Working with abortion providers, decision makers, and abortion champions to advocate for better abortion pathways and laws.


We have seen that we are able to do better work with better partnerships and collaboration. We know that working with SAFE will help us help even more people get abortions.

Abortion Network Amsterdam
Partner Organization

SAFE comes to Europe at the perfect time - I am thrilled that this organisation will be there to offer support to those of us doing the work on the ground.

Justyna Wydrzyńska
Abortion Dream Team